4 Ways to Get Bitcoin For Free and Fast

Now the development of technology is increasingly sophisticated, and of course, it is all designed to facilitate activities in our daily lives.

One of the increasingly advanced technological developments in the development is the problem of transactions using digital money. As we know, now we can make transactions easily using a smartphone only. Even the technology can make transactions remotely, anytime and anywhere.

Examples such as crypto assets or Bitcoin digital coins. Although digital coins themselves, there are many types, each has its advantages and functions. But the most popular currently in the issue of digital coins is Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin itself has advantages not owned by other digital coins.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency to date. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by someone who uses the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is becoming a new way of making transactions (online or online) directly without a bank intermediary. Instead, Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer system (aka P2P). But these P2P systems work without single storage or administrator. The one where the United States Department calls Bitcoin a decentralized currency.

We need a wallet address to accommodate these Bitcoin assets to make transactions using Bitcoin digital money. All transaction history that has been done around the world will be recorded where Bitcoin is based (blockchain). So all transaction records will be recorded on this blockchain.

4 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin Easily

Over time, the price of Bitcoin is now increasingly soaring. This is the attraction of investors in investing in bitcoin crypto assets. When the market price of Bitcoin is soaring, that’s when they make investments that will be very profitable. But you don’t think that investing in cryptocurrencies (especially Bitcoin) is easy and legit. Why? Yes, because it’s like what was mentioned at the beginning. The price of digital coins, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is not certain. Which means it can be expensive and can be very down.

Regarding how to get Bitcoin, there are many ways that you can do to obtain this Bitcoin crypto asset. And it becomes two parts or two of a kind. The first part or type is to buy Bitcoin directly that matches the market price. And the second way is on a freeway.

In this article, I will discuss these two ways. Whether it’s by buying directly or in other ways that don’t cost money, check out the full explanation of how to get free Bitcoin easily below. If you want to go straight to the heart of the discussion (how to get Bitcoin for free), click here.

1. BuyIng Bitcoin

The safest, quickest and most recommended way is to buy it directly without doing any tasks. Although any government and central bank do not support this Bitcoin transaction, it does not mean that this Bitcoin should not be traded. Bitcoin can also be exchanged for traditional currencies. So you don’t have to worry that bitcoin can’t be exchanged into traditional currencies. 

For those of you who want to own this Bitcoin crypto asset by buying directly, I have a little information and recommendations on where to buy Bitcoin at the best price between market prices. Here are some places you can try to buy Bitcoin at the best price:

a. Zipmex

Zip me is one of the applications that has multi-function. In this Zipmex application, we can buy crypto assets (especially Bitcoin), trading or invest, and you can also use the Zip Up and Zip Lock feature to double the crypto assets you have in the future. The price of crypto assets offered on the Zipmex platform or application is also very affordable, and it can be said that the price offered is the best compared to the market price. 

Besides being good for buying crypto assets, Zipmex is also suitable for those who like trading and investing. In addition, Zipmex will provide a reward of 5 ZMT for anyone who has successfully invited one new user (affiliate program or affiliate). Register here so you can get a free 5 ZMT bonus for the beginning of registration.

b. Indodax

Indodax is the largest crypto asset buying and selling platform in Indonesia. More than 2 million people already use this Indodax platform as a place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Just like Zipmex, Indodax also offers trading or investment features for investors. Crypto prices in Indodax are also very affordable. In Indodax, you can also exchange crypto assets that you have into rupiah. It can be using an e-wallet or direct bank transfer.

c. Coinbase

If you want to buy many types of crypto assets, Coinbase can be a reference as a place to buy the crypto you want, especially Bitcoin. Coinbase is a trading platform (from the United States) and a cryptocurrency wallet that was launched in 2012 ago. Coinbase is one of the best options if you want to buy Bitcoin. In matter, Coinbase will give the best price to its users.

2. Mining

The most recommended way to get the coffers of Bitcoin crypto assets is by mining or commonly called BTC mining. In general, the name of mining or mining is done using software that we run on our computer or device. And in general, also the software is paid, and even the price is quite high.

But not everything is paid for. You can also be mining Bitcoin at no cost through your computer or android. If you are still a foreigner, platform or any application that can be used to mine Bitcoin, you can try my advice and recommendations related to mining using this software. There are a few you can try, and they are all free. Here is the best software for mining (mining) Free Bitcoin:

a. Cryptotab Browser

Crypto tab Browser is one of the best applications or software for Bitcoin mining. Be it mining using a computer, laptop or even android. Complete, Cryptotab Browser application is an application or browser software that uses Yahoo as its default search engine. You can get Bitcoin coffers for free and unlimited from this browser application. 

This Cryptotab Browser has two different versions, and each version has different advantages and features. The first version is the basic version (free), and the second version is pro. Well, for the pro version, this is paid. Because it is paid, the features and time mining provided are also much better. The basic version (free) time given for mining is only 1 hour with hash power only 100-150. While the pro version, you will get up to 3 hours of mining time, and for hash power, you reach up to 1000-1500. 

In This Cryptotab Browser, there is also an affiliate program. The more people who successfully sign up using your referral link, the more bonuses you get from this affiliate program.

b. Nicehash

Nicehash is a special software for mining on a computer, laptop or PC. This software is fully available for free, and there are several versions. You can download this software directly through the official website, and do not forget to install it according to the specs of the computer, laptop or PC you use.

c. Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is software used specifically for mining or mining. Cudo Miner has a multi-algorithm that automatically selects the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. Then the proceeds from the mining will be converted to Bitcoin currency.

d. Mining Online

Mining. Online is a website that provides free or paid crypto mining (deposit). On this mining. On the Online site, you can mine Bitcoin freely indefinitely. In addition to Bitcoin, this website also provides 2 other cryptocurrencies that can be mined for free and paid. Dogecoin and Litecoin.

According to my experience, on this mining. You will be given a hash power of 100 for free on the online site. Until now, I have been mining Litecoin reaching 0.001 LTC, running for 1 month. Long, huh? If long reasonable anyway, yes, mining on this site is purely 100% for free without depositing or purchasing hash power. If you want to get a higher profit, you can purchase power.

3. Playing Games

If you have a hobby of playing online games, this one way is perfect for you. In addition to entertaining and eliminating boredom, you can also get Bitcoin coffers by playing games.

In the era of sophisticated as it is now, there are many websites and applications producing crypto digital coins by playing games. Even these applications have been officially released on the Play Store marketplace. So there’s no doubt about it.

Because of the many applications and websites that produce Bitcoin by playing games, below is one recommendation of free Bitcoin producing applications that have been proven to pay.

a. Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast is one of the applications that can produce Bitcoin for free just by playing games. Games or games in this application are quite classic and unique. The games in this app are similar and combine the same characters. Usually, games like this are called blocks (combining blocks with other blocks of the same).

In addition to playing games, you can also get free Bitcoin by watching ads, following their Twitter account, and subscribing to their YouTube channel. And for withdrawal or payout issues, you need a balance of 9700 points or the equivalent of 30 satoshis via Coinbase.

4. Bitcoin Faucet

A faucet is a method in which users must perform various tasks if they want to get rewarded in the form of Bitcoin for free. Faucet sites usually provide some daily tasks, and their duties are also easy.

Almost all faucet websites offer the task of claiming only every few minutes and some even a few seconds. In addition, usually, faucet sites also offer tasks in the form of visiting the sponsor’s website (PTC Ads) and also visiting direct links (Shorten link Ads).

Here are some faucet websites that you can try to start generating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free:

  4. auto


After reading the explanation above, we can conclude that owning Bitcoin is not easy, whether instantly (buying directly) or by manual means (generating Bitcoin from sites, applications, and cloud mining above). Because although we can get Bitcoin for free, it takes a sacrifice of time and quota that is not small.

So the point is, even though it’s free, don’t let you rely on your income only through the 3 ways above (other than buying). Only fools make faucet sites and cloud mining applications their regular job.

Well, that’s How to Get Bitcoin For Free Easily 2021. Hopefully, this article can be helpful for those in need and be a good source of reference. If there is a mistake, please be criticized in the comments field.

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