6 Strategies to Find a Trusted Product Supplier

Some of the obstacles that prospective beginner online store business people face include not having capital, difficulty determining the goods to be sold, not yet finding a supplier, etc. If you produce/have products to trade in your online store, you promote it.

But what happens if you want to open an online store but do not have your products? Open my post How to Start an Online Store Business. Then you can sell other people’s products as dropships or resellers. Well, this is where you have to find a trusted supplier for you to sell the product. How to find him? Here are tips for finding a product supplier:

1. Work with direct suppliers

Look for suppliers offline or meet in person. Offer cooperation. Suppliers are remarkably danced people who want to resell their products. Look for a first-hand supplier so that you get a reasonably large commission because the price given is relatively cheap. Try to supply one city with you, that way you will be easy to control and stock goods.

2. Search on Google

If you are not good at negotiating directly, you can find alternative suppliers on Google. The choices are many too. I recommend looking for someone who places ads on Google because placing ads shows that the Supplier is serious.

3. Pay Attention to Supplier Service

You should pay attention to your Supplier’s service because often found suppliers are less responsive. If the response is slow, then your efforts will not go well. Look for suppliers who have a fast order response, easy to contact, have smooth communication, provide support to resellers and dropshippers, handle orders to all regions and are friendly.

4. Join the Supplier Community

By joining the supplier community, you will get a lot of information and input and find the Supplier you are looking for. You can start working with them.

5. Pay Attention and Follow the Terms Provided by the Supplier

You must pay attention to the terms and conditions provided by your Supplier. You study carefully. The terms and conditions are helpful to bind both parties and not harm the wrong party. Follow the words that have been given because you expect cooperation to run for an extended period.

6. Have Multiple Suppliers

Don’t focus on just one Supplier. Find some product suppliers. Besides helping vary the products you sell, this is also useful in the future. Over time you will see which suppliers will establish long-term cooperation and only short-term.

Sometimes in the middle of the road, the Supplier changes the terms. For example, you are not limited to a minimum order when you join. Serving time runs, maybe because it increases sales targets, suppliers require a minimum of several million for a single charge. For you, this is both a challenge and a new problem.

Not many of you certainly object to the change of terms and finally decided to end the cooperation. But if you already have several suppliers, you do not need to worry because your online store can still run with other product suppliers.

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