How To Open A Bitcoin Wallet Easily

How to open bitcoin wallet – Many people are eyeing bitcoin because of its price that can make you rich suddenly. You must have heard the word bitcoin, and what is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency and already freely traded in various countries, including major countries in the world. Bitcoin investment is also increasing globally because the price is increasing every day.

The physical form of bitcoin is not like paper money. Cryptocurremcy just digital money and has no physical form. Bitcoin is only used in the digital world and has been around since 2008, introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto.

One of the conditions of owning a bitcoin is that you have to open a bitcoin wallet first. How do I open a bitcoin wallet? You can read this article until done. Opening a bitcoin wallet is very easy and at no extra cost. Fees are charged, if you transfer bitcoins to another bitcoin wallet.

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How To Open Bitcoin Wallet

Here’s how to create a bitcoin wallet that you can try. You can visit the site, and this bitcoin site is the most popular site on the internet.

#1 Go To

First visit the site so you can start registering for a new bitcoin wallet.

#2 Registering

The next step is the process of registering a bitcoin wallet. You must enter your name, email address, password, and country of origin and create the wallet.

#3 Email Confirmation

You can open the incoming message at your email address for the confirmation process, so your bitcoin wallet account can be activated immediately.

#4 Bitcoin wallets are ready.

Your bitcoin wallet is ready, and you can transfer or receive bitcoin balances from other users.

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The blockchain will provide an address that you can use for transactions between other bitcoin users. Use the request button to receive bitcoins from other users and use the send button to send bitcoins to other users.

Every time you send a bitcoin, your transactions will be encrypted by the system, so your transactions between other bitcoins wallet can be run safely.

Secure A Bitcoin Wallet Account

Because the price of bitcoin very expensive, so you need to secure your bitcoin wallet account to not be hacked by others. You can use 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA, and record Backup Phrase. Backup Phrase is 12 unique words, used to restore your bitcoin wallet account if you forget your password.

Blockchain never stores your bitcoin wallet password data. So if you forget the password of a bitcoin wallet, you can not request to forget the password.

Hopefully, this information on how to open a bitcoin wallet can be useful for all of you.

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