How to Sell Online Ranging from Zero to Success

Online business in the digital era is considered very appropriate for the progress of your business because now Indonesian consumers have started spending their daily needs through online stores. Then how to take an online business opportunity to be successful quickly? Let’s review it together.

Are you still confused about where to sell online without having a store? Because online sales are straightforward and do not require too much capital compared to offline stores that are needed to build shop or shop rentals.

Online sales are perfect for homemakers who want to get extra income because they can still take care of children or be used as the primary income. It all depends on the needs and circumstances.

Here are the steps to start an online business from zero to success that you should see in full:

1. Determine the Product You Want to Sell

The first step is to determine the product you want to sell. What needs to be considered is the ease of getting the product. Can take advantage of superior products in our respective regions.

As a contok Jepara is a furniture producing region, we can determine the target for selling Jepara furniture because of the abundant stock.

Or your location of hijab convection area can also start for hijab sales if products are making woven fabrics can sell woven fabrics if our food production can sell food. That’s the easiest way to determine which product you want to sell.

How about we want to sell our products, for example already have a mobile phone store, computer store, clothing store, etc. Let’s focus on the products we have.

2. Start Looking for The Cheapest Stock and Price

When you have determined the product you want to sell, you look for stock, artisans, or production sites. If you’re going to sell products from other manufacturers, such as gadgets, you have to find the lowest stock price to compete with competitors.

I prefer cooperation with artisans or large shops to get the lowest prices, and do not hesitate to ask in detail also ask for guidance. This aims to make it easier for us to get stock and competitive prices.

Remember looking for low prices does not mean cheap. Keep prioritizing quality to get customer satisfaction so that later the stores we build can get bigger and grow.

3. Competitor Research

How do I know the price in the market? The way is straightforward, namely, access to marketplaces such as Amazon shop, AliExpress, etc. There are many prices offered with the same product. However, the price you want to sell is not the cheapest at least offset the current cost, which later facilitates the promotion.

If you have checked the competitors, a sense of optimism will appear to develop the online store more advanced, and always look for superior products to compete.

4. Create an Online Store

If the product and other preparations have been determined, the next step is the time to create an online store according to the target market. Here are some online marketplaces/stores that you can try:

  1. Amazon
  2. Alibaba
  3. Ali Express
  4. Overstock

Which admin thinks is the easiest and quickest? The first is the Amazon marketplace, AliExpress, Overstock, and open stalls. There you can make a store and immediately sell it for free. It is straightforward to reach buyers because the marketplace does many promos and is familiar to the people of America with the advantages of safe shopping without fear of being fooled.

The marketplace above is highly recommended for medium and upper targets because the average person buying is experienced and has a decent income for online shopping hobbies. Make sure the stock is also easy because you can be flooded with orders anytime.

The second is the Facebook marketplace. In my opinion, the target is medium to lower with local targets only. It is suitable for those who like Cash On Delivery and local targets only. But it is also effective if the products we sell are needed by the surrounding community, such as food and used goods.

This is a medium to upper target for Instagram and websites with the right sales target. The price is still reasonable, perfect for those of you who have your brand.

5. Strengthen Intentions

Most importantly, there are no instant results. If you want to be successful, you have to work hard and smart, not easily give up, and bring out an entrepreneurial spirit that is always tireless.

If there is a problem, calm down first, then find the right solution and mentor so that our soul remains strong and always spirited. Trials in business certainly exist, ranging from stock, competing prices, and running out of capital. All must be lived with pleasure and sincerity to get the desired results.

Do not be too quick to conclude the effort undertaken. All need a process, and do not be easily fooled by the success of others who make us often give up.

6. Evaluation and Innovation

This is the stage for success. If all of the above has been implemented, then further evaluation and innovation. Do not feel satisfied if the sales are many also do not be too sad if the deal is not as expected.

Always make a target for yourself. For example, March sold 30 pcs, then April should be more than 30 pcs. Always look for innovation to increase sales in the store because competitors are also constantly innovating and have high sales targets.

If the sales are not suitable, we try to evaluate what is wrong with the store managed, starting from the price. The explanation in the description must also be clear and exciting, see what is different from other stores and observe the stores whose sales are in demand.

After being evaluated, an innovation must be done by learning a lot on the internet or people who have experienced it. Innovation comes from ourselves by looking at the evaluation that has been implemented.

7. Learn from Experience

Always learn from experience, not to repeat itself. The best teacher is experiencing because it is not just a theory that is not necessarily true. From this experience, we will have sales secrets, keep them tight, and continuously innovate. Make the experience good to increase sales. Make it a bad experience to improve yourself for the better.

8. Start To Improve and Succeed

Usually, what is often complained about is significant capital and large sales. Start discipline in finance does not mix between money and profit to reduce capital that continues to decrease.

Find a working partner to facilitate capital addition. The government also provides business capital assistance through KUR with super light youth. But do not be stuck with capital. Use the loan only for business capital, not daily consumptive needs, and instill in yourself that we get help, so we must maintain the trust well.

Start adding stock, adding employees, adding stores, adding work facilities, etc. Everything goes on and has to be done well.

9. Don’t Forget to Pray

After the effort has been made, do not forget to pray to God because we are only creatures who have no power. Always pray to facilitate his efforts and lighten his trials. Begging always gets good partner work and keeps away from bad people. We can only try. God determines the outcome.

So many tips and how to start selling online, ranging from zero to success. Above course the material in general, for details how to list the marketplace marketing tips and tricks must also be learned from various sources to increase knowledge.

If anyone is asked or wants a discussion, please leave a message through the comments field. Good luck until we see you again.

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