What Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Works?

What is affiliate marketing, and how it works? – In this world of the internet and technology, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate passive income. Passive income became very important after what we saw in this corona covid 19 pandemic periods. Many People lose their job during this pandemic, and there are many restrictions on the opening of workplaces and stores.

Affiliate marketing is internet marketing where you deal with the eCommerce store. Instead of buying products from this e-commerce site, you became a marketer of the sites. One best part about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to go door to door to sell the product. In fact, you can sell your product just from your gadgets like a mobile phone. We will tell you how to do affiliate marketing and how it works in this article, so please read it carefully.

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What are affiliate marketing programs?

Many online e-commerce stores sell different products. Affiliate marketers work as a salesman, or they used to work as product advertisers. For this, they use to get incentives or commissions for selling products. 

More simply, if a person joins an Affiliate Program and promotes their products on their sources such as Blog or Website or in social media like Instagram, Facebook, or in whats app, it is called Affiliate Marketing.

There are different affiliate marketing programs and courses available on the internet and on youtube. Some companies themselves use to provide these courses on their sites and through youtube videos.

How affiliate marketing works

To know the technical behind affiliate marketing, you can join different affiliate marketing programs available in the market. In this article ill try to give you basic ideas about how affiliate marketing works and why the companies pay you so much just for promoting their product on your sites. 

Affiliate marketing is a vast world. It works in a linear direction like you share someone saw then they buy. The company sells the products for this you’ll get some incentive according to the development and their popularity.

Because of this action, e-commerce store gains popularity and customer. Affiliate marketing is just like you are gathering crowds or buyers for the company. For that, you are getting the commission, but for this, you don’t have to physically inform a person. You just have to share the product through your gadgets and sites.

How to start affiliate marketing

After gathering information about affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing programs, and how affiliate marketing works, the biggest question is how to do affiliate marketing.

There is a simple procedure to do affiliate marketing. The first and foremost thing is to identify where you will promote your affiliate product. You can do it on your blog website, youtube videos, whats apps, email, and through Facebook and Instagram also.

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Different methods of affiliate marketing 

Affiliating marketing is more of an art rather than knowledge. One can develop this art by continuous practice and evaluation of one on work. With little understanding of some basics about affiliate, one can start this business. With time and practice, you could master this art.

In affiliate marketing, there are two basic methods to gather buyers, or I would say you as a marketer sell companies’ products and make a commission from them. The two methods are:

1. Paid Promotion methods

In this method, you also share your affiliate marketing link on different sites as an associate of companies. In this affiliate marketing method, you have to spend some time initially. You have to register yourself for additional ad services.

Two famous ads services people use to gather customers are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. In this platform, you register yourself and promote your affiliate product through ads on the internet.

2. Organic customer methods

In this method, you don’t do marketing of your products by paying marketing costs to other third-party ad services. Instead, you review the product and share the outcome of your product review with the customers. Such type of work needs more time to earn but work more effectively.

Examples of these methods are The Blog product review through your blog article and adding affiliate links. Another famous way to generate organic customers is through youtube videos.

Steps to do affiliate marketing

  1. Find an eCommerce store. First, you have to find which eCommerce stores provide affiliate marketing; in India, e-commerce stores like Flipkart, Amazon, and many other companies offer such facilities.
  2. Register yourself. After locating the store, register yourself as an affiliate marketer. You can get links at the top of the e-commerce site or sometimes at the bottom.
  3. Select product. After registering, select a product that you want to share on your sites or with your friends.
  4. Copy Link, After selecting a product, copy the affiliate marketing link of a product.
  5. Share a link, Lastly share the link that you copied and share it to different sites (social media, what’s an app, or through direct messages)

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How much can you earn from affiliate marketing

After all the steps and work, the final question is how much you can earn from affiliate marketing. Earning from affiliate marketing is totally defend on you how much time you gave to the business, how well you promoted the product and how many people really buy from your affiliate link. some time the commission also defend on the creation some sectors product pays more and some pays low, you can check the commission from the affiliate program section of a different store.

You can withdraw your commission after some actual threshold. Different companies have different limits to withdraw commission.

Thank you very much for reading this article. If you have found this article informative, then please leave your comment and add what you want to know more about affiliate marketing. Well, will try to educate you more with more articles.


In this year, affiliate marketing could be one of the important ways to generate passive income. one of the exciting things about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to spend a penny on starting this business. One can also do this business with their gadgets like laptops, mobile, or pads. This year, try this method of generating passive income ideas, and stay tuned with us for more information.

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