What Is Online Business And How It Work

Online business is all kinds of business activity done online (via the internet). Any business that some actions or all of its business activities performed through the internet can be said they are running a business online.

In today’s modern era, many people already do online business even though some of them make online business their primary business. Why now online business to be a choice? Let’s compare Conventional Business (Offline) with an Online Business.

Conventional Business :

Capital is relatively large. For example, when opening a store, the value of rental of premises/ commercial was high enough.

  1. Require employees
  2. The range of consumers is limited by distance and time
  3. Can’t full time, hours
  4. Weather dependent
  5. It would be best if you were directly involved

Online Business :

  1. It does not require store in the form of physical
  2. Can without employees
  3. Marketing reach area
  4. Can a full time 24/7 full
  5. Free weather constraints
  6. You do not have to work full time, and it can be made automatically. I need slight manual handling.

Own Online business there are several types of:

  • Online to Online: I Mean online business that is run online. For example, I am selling domain and hosting, selling ebooks, selling services such as web design, SEO service, etc.
  • Online to Offline: the Point online business can then be run offline. For example, Online Business seminars, Web design courses, training, SEO, etc.
  • Offline to Online: How online business is run offline but then promoted through the online media. For example, online stores that sell physical goods.

Based on the role of the culprit

  1. While it is based on the role of the culprit, online business there are three parties:
  2. Owner: are the owner of a product or service.
  3. Marketers: are experts marketers of the product that does not have its development.
  4. Publisher: the owner of the website provides a space for promoting the product.

These terms of running an online business :

Able to operate a PC/Laptop with good

Because all the work is done via online/internet, then the ability to operate a PC/laptop is necessary.

Have a fast internet connection

Internet connection speed is very influential in running an online business until your activity is delayed because the internet connection is slow.

Have email

Making an email is easy. To do business online, email has a lot of benefits. So familiarize yourself interact using email. Email can be helpful to communicate with customers, send a sales letter, register at various websites, etc.

Have an account with the local bank

Should you have more than one local bank account, yeah, at least three banks because this will allow your customer to transfer. Customers usually tend to look for performances of the same bank.

Have a bank account in the world

Paypal, for example. If you target the overseas market, having a PayPal account is obligatory because it allows you to transact.

That’s a bit of What that business online, hopefully useful.

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